Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yellow it is.

Hi there readers and fellow bloggers, I know its been almost a year since I've posted anything related to repurposing or DIY... but to make a long story short, I am making a decision to start back today and hope to continue on a pretty consistent basis. For the most part, I hope it will allow me to finish projects I have started and hopefully do more furniture projects I have laying around the house that keep being put off by other things I think of to do.

So here is a dresser I finished recently that I wanted to share. Let's just say its yellow - mustard yellow really. And let me just say this color was pretty risky for me because I usually stick with blues and greens but I wanted to do something totally random for a change and see how it turned out. This piece is not perfect but is is fully functional even though it has a crack in one of the drawers. But I think it gives it character and a story, which makes me love repurposing even more.

Here are only a few pictures of the final product ;)