Thursday, January 19, 2012

Owl Book Ends

I had to share these cute little owl book ends I found for under two bucks at a thrift store. I have looked up similar ones at and they are close to $40. That's crazy. I knew they had potential when I saw them - just a little white spray paint and they look modern and oh so cute! So excited for these things - my little boy loves owls and now he has two that will go in his room!

{The Owls BEFORE their makeover}

{And After}


  1. They turned out super cute and they look like they would be expensive.

  2. Adorable! Makes me want to take a second look at those items, we judge as "ugly", and pass right on by. These turned out cute, and what an easy way to transform them! Thanks for sharing!

  3. so cute! i have the squirrel version i bought for around the same price- they are still awaiting their makeover! :)

  4. this magical transformation terrible bird in a work of art! Bravo!