Monday, February 13, 2012

Raleigh craigslist potential finds

So today I wanted to do a post giving examples of potential furniture finds on Craigslist. I know you all know that you can find some really cool pieces at really great prices. But... if you don't shop on Craigslist, here is why you should!

 If I didn't have 4 pieces right now to work on, then I would definitely try to grab these up.

First up, is this antique waterfall style vanity - $65

 I love this one from European Paint Finishes. Perfect for a little girl's room.

And this antique sideboard below I found on Craigslist for $78

I love the two-toned grey and white in this one by Vintage Junky.

And this great chest of drawers for $40. I love the round legs.

And this one from Design Sponge is simply stunning.


  1. I know! I've seen these too and my garage is so full, I can't keep up with everything I keep finding. Have you found a good place to sell your furniture from around here? Selling finished furniture on craigslist is no fun...

    We should meet up for coffee or something sometime?



    1. I got lucky and scooped up the $40 dresser. The drawers need a little work but a very solid piece for the money. I have the best luck buying/selling on Craigslist. Best thing is you keep 100% of the profit. I am going to follow you and I hope you do the same!


  2. Ha. I knew someone would grab it up quick! I would love to see an after pic when you are finished :)

  3. Furniture is kind of like cars, can be very expensive for brand new furniture and there is lots of used furniture that can be had at much better prices.