Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few setbacks and a thank you.

For the past several days I've been itching to get started on new paint projects. But truth be told I've had a few setbacks this week. Last Sunday night I fell down the stairs at my parents house and hit my tailbone and lower back pretty good. I'm okay, but just now realizing the soreness is not going to go away overnight. And THEN, early Tuesday morning I woke up with the stomach bug and was on the couch for two days - which was pretty miserable. But I am feeling much better and slowly my back is feeling much better. I promise I will have some good posts for you guys to read soon!

In addition to my setbacks, I also just wanted to thank everyone for all the sweet comments, and for just taking a look at my blog and being a follower. Its been a eye opener to think that people actually like what I do and what I have a passion for, and that a large amount of people share my passion. Its been great hearing your comments and thoughts on paint color, furniture detail, etc. So thank you all so much for just looking, commenting, and being a follower! It means so much! 


Kelsey ;)


  1. WOW when it rains it POURS!! Please relaxe and take it easy:)Deidre~

  2. I have awarded you with the liebster blog award even if you can't blog for awhile. You can see the details on my blog. If you can't pass the award along,then it is alright.

  3. Hello there. I wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the Liebster Award.
    I love what you do and you have inspired me.

    I just noticed connie gave you the same award. First come, first serve so please do not feel obligated to follow the award rules for me. I just wanted you to know that I awarded you!